This Is Calmer: The Entrepreneur's Handbook

Discover inspiration for the entrepreneurial mind with This Is Calmer - the 'pocket mentor' book with support, encouragement and guidance for entrepreneurs.

Published by The Comfortable Book Co.

Published by The Comfortable Book Co.

Created with you in mind

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or are running your own business,This Is Calmerhas been created with you in mind.

This 'pocket mentor' is designed to help nurture your mindset and personal growth while running your business. Providing an authentic insight into the startup journey and entrepreneurial lifestyle, it is full of suggestions and resources to take you through the startup process and handle any challenges with a Calmer approach.

Tania Diggory- Author
Longevity - Design
Ellie Wilkinson——插画家
Emma Hypher - Editor

This is Calmer is a practical and inspirational guide to staying sane while creating, and running your own business. Tania came to the Psychologies offices and was brilliant at helping us formulate a wellbeing plan for our team. Brilliant!
— Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies

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The team behind This Is Calmer.

The team behindThis Is Calmer.