Working From Home:
The Complete Calmer Guide To Remote Working

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Download our digital remote working guide offering expert advice on how to nurture your health, happiness and productivity while working from home.

Written by Tania Diggory, Founder and Director of Calmer
Inspired by her team of remote workers

Complimentary Calmer Calendar worksheet included with the book

Working From Home: The Complete Calmer Guide To Remote Working
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By remote workers, for remote workers

Based on over 2,000 hours of research, this book includes personal, team and clients’ experiences of working from home. You will learn from evidence-based research, designed as a result of direct feedback from our community, to enable you to embed healthy strategies, and perform at your best when working remotely.

当我读到介绍我知道这本书for me. I have been self employed for more than 14 years and while I have spells where I put more effort into healthy ways of working, I can lapse into bad habits again! Thanks to the guide, I’m already putting into practice a much more structured and consistent start to my day, and feel a difference already. Much more empowered and positive! I really like the suggestions at the end of each section on how to implement the tips as well - it makes it so easy to follow and put into practice.
— Fiona Buttenshaw, Founder of Glen Rosa Garden Design and Glen Rosa Cabin Crafts

What does your average day working from home look like?

We bet it differs from a more traditional 9-to-5 office environment.

With no commute, timings are different. With the fridge in the kitchen, food habits change. And with home comforts around you, you may not even work at a desk.

Do these factors, among others, change how productive you are?

Such a lovely guide that offered really practical tips, and ways to help embed these new habits into my daily routine. I have learnt several new ideas that will help enhance my working days, and make me much more productive and happier as I navigate through this new set up!’
— Caroline Syson, Founder of Pocket PA

Work towards your ideal remote working set-up

In this book, you’ll work through a five-step programme filled with case studies, research-led strategies, and exercises tailored to your ideal remote working set up:

Step 1:Nurture your mindset
Step 2:Pace yourself
Step 3:Be mindful of your work environment
Step 4:Find your breathing space
Step 5:Seek out human connection

“This is not just a ‘nice to have’ book. It is an informative guide with case studies, evidence-based research and most importantly, practical exercises on how to work from home in a healthy way that works for you.”
— Tomorr Kokona, Entrepreneur, Coach and Performing Arts Consultant

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By purchasing and implementing the actions steps in this book, you’re not only nourishing your health, happiness and productivity each working day - you’re also supporting a small business.

We hope this guide brings an abundance of positive changes to your life, and we ask that you
please share this with others who you know would also benefit, so we can all support each other.

Working From Home: The Complete Calmer Guide To Remote Working
Sale Price: 9.99 Original Price: 14.99
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Calmer Calendar Worksheet
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About the Author


Tania Diggoryis an Entrepreneur, Mental Health & Wellbeing Speaker and Author ofThis is Calmerand在家工作:完成平静再保险指南mote Working.

Having run three businesses before the age of 30, Tania founded Calmer in 2016 to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers and business teams to nurture good mental health and wellbeing. In the last four years, she has personally consulted and trainedover 300 companieson their mental health and wellbeing strategy. In that time, she has worked with many remote teams, and curated and managed her very own:the Calmer Teamis made up of dedicated professional freelancers, who support the Calmer training services as well as online and live large-scale events.

This book is a culmination of Tania’s work mentoring businesses nationwide, and putting that same work into practice within her own team. By remote workers, for remote workers.

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